Jaw dysfunction as the cause of pain

This is known as temporomandibular disorder, a dysfunction of the chewing apparatus, which has many faces.


Initial symptoms can be insomnia, sleep deprivation, headaches and pain in the temporomandibular joint and teeth but also chronic facial pain. This imbalance can impact the entire body: painful consequences are often migraines, neck and back pain, all the way down to knee and foot problems or even organic ailments. Often pain spreads throughout the entire body and is not immediately recognized as temporomandibular disorder. But a number of typical symptoms can indicate a jaw misalignment:

• Temporomandibular joint noises (e.g. clicking of the jaw)

• Toothache

• Restricted jaw movement

• Earache

• Chronic headache

• Neck and shoulder tension

• Tension in the back muscles

There are a variety of causes for these symptoms, which usually stem from overstraining the temporomandibular joint and chewing muscles:

• Jaw misalignment (temporomandibular dysfunction)

• Ill-fitting dentures

• Tooth gaps and resulting tooth migration

• Stress-induced teeth grinding


We at the Dental Centrum Düsseldorf use an in-depth functional analysis to determine the optimal position for your jaws and teeth and help you get your bite back. For years now, we have established a network of specialized dental technicians, physiotherapists and osteopaths, orthopedists and ear, nose, and throat specialists, to provide you with a holistic and comprehensive treatment to relieve jaw and muscle tension.


Treatment options may include a physical and/or medicinal therapy or even orthodontic procedures. In most cases a mouth guard, also known as the (Michigan-type) night guard, can help bring significant joint pain relief. Since teeth grinding can often be directly linked to a temporomandibular disorder, we recommend additional physiotherapy or osteopathic therapy in these cases. In special cases we work with the computer-aided zebris system, which has been researched and co-developed at the University of Greifswald and Witten/Herdecke University. The zebris system JMAnalyser+ is a biomechanical jaw registration, which uses ultrasound to record all degrees of the lower jaw’s mobility in a fast, contact-free and precise way.

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