Tooth discoloration has many causes, such as the consumption of coffee, tea or nicotine, but some medications may also cause the accumulation of pigments in tooth enamel. Professional teeth cleaning is recommended before every whitening treatment to remove any plaque, such as tartar and surface stains. This will ensure effective tooth bleaching and the best possible whitening results. A combined appointment for teeth cleaning followed by a bleaching treatment can be scheduled with us at any time. Our prophylaxis assistants will be happy to inform you about the treatment procedure and costs.

Hydrogen peroxide is the active agent for whitening teeth, the same agent used for bleaching hair.

During an approx. 90-minute appointment in our practice, you can have your teeth gently whitened with the proven and pain-free white smile treatment.

With a special lamp that gives off light on the blue-green spectrum, a tooth gel is activated that induces a whitening process. No heat is generated this way, nor is harmful UV radiation emitted. This procedure can be repeated several times, until the desired outcome is achieved.

Only healthy teeth can be whitened. If cavities already exist they must first be treated, as the bleaching gel could otherwise penetrate the tooth and cause damage. Dental prostheses such as crowns or veneers cannot be whitened through bleaching.

Tooth bleaching is a cosmetic procedure that is uncomplicated and usually without serious side effects. After the treatment, increased sensitivity of individual teeth or irritation of gums may occur, which will subside within 24 hours. Tooth whitening may NOT be performed on pregnant women or small children.

Naturally, our “in office” bleaching treatments are only performed after an examination by a licensed dental professional and under medical supervision.

In the end, brilliant white teeth speak for themselves.

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