A painless way through the procedure

In our practice, you have the option of having your procedure performed under local anaesthesia, deep sedation or general anaesthesia.

With local anaesthesia, a numbing agent is administered near the area to be treated and blocks all nerve transmission. By eliminating the pain, the affected tooth or jaw area can be treated without the patient noticing a thing.

The anaesthetic wears off about 1-2 hours after the treatment, you regain “feeling” in the affected area and can also eat and drink again.


The relaxing alternative – deep sedation or general anaesthesia

Would you prefer to not notice your dental treatment at all, either because it is extensive, you suffer from an extreme gag reflex or have a queasy feeling or even fear of dental treatments? At the Dental Centrum Düsseldorf we have the option of working with experienced anaesthesiologists, who administer deep sedation or general anaesthesia to our patients.

The difference between these two anaesthetic procedures is that with general anaesthesia, respiration is controlled by a ventilator. Alternatively, merely a deep state of sedation is induced with the patient remaining responsive but unable to feel any pain or require ventilation. Deep sedation is generally tolerated very well by the body.



In a personal consultation with our anaesthesiologists before the treatment, we determine which of the sedation methods is best for you.

You sleep through your dental treatment, feel no pain and notice no unpleasant sounds. After you wake up in our specially equipped recovery room, you may stay for as long as you want or need.

Please remember that you may not drive home on your own after a treatment under deep sedation or general anaesthesia and must therefore organize transportation home.

Services provided are billed for directly by the anaesthesiologist and are only covered by statutory health insurance in extremely exceptional cases.

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