When it comes to our small patients, we pay special attention to optimal oral hygiene from the very first tooth, and show the children – and their caring parents – what to look out for at home and how the kids are best cared for. We explain everyday risks and detect possible complications as early as possible. more information



To prevent damage to the teeth, sealants are applied to children’s permanent molars, which are at a higher risk for tooth decay. For this, the hard-to-clean pits and fissures are filled in to prevent caries from building up there.



Should the tooth trolls Karius and Bactus have managed to dig a whole anyway, we can make it go away. We preserve your child’s smile using gentle procedures. For this, we use white composite fillings with durable bonding to the tooth structure.



During childhood, approximately half of all kids are injured, the worst cases causing damage to their permanent teeth. At the DCD we have all the materials and options to repair and save those teeth.

In collaboration with orthodontist Dr Malcolm Goteni, Elisabeth Sturm has developed a rescue concept for teeth that is being introduced at Düsseldorf’s kindergartens, schools and sports clubs.

With a quick reference guide for emergencies in form of a flyer, we explain how to best act so the child and tooth are well-cared for.


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