To relieve you of these fears, we have developed a special approach with our dentists, which is sensitive and fine-tuned to your individual situation.

After you’ve tackled the first hurdle of contacting us by phone, a get-to-know-appointment in our practice usually follows in one of our consultation rooms – only if you’re comfortable with it, do we then actually take a look in your mouth.

When the treatment goals have been discussed with you and no questions have been left unanswered, there are different anaesthetic procedures to choose from. Whether local anaesthesia, mild sedation, deep sedation or general anaesthesia: our goal is a stress-free treatment and hardly noticeable procedures. All general anaesthesia performed in our practice is performed by an experienced anaesthesiologist.

Upon request, we call our patients in the evening after the appointment or the next day, to inquire about their well-being.

Our experience shows that for many patients the procedure not only pays off health-wise, but with a beautiful smile you can feel good about yourself again and appear more self-confident and happy.


We look forward to your courage!

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