Patients at home using toothbrushes, dental floss and interdental brushes cannot completely remove the harmful plaque that forms on teeth and along the cervical margins. Over time, dental plaque (soft plaque and hard tartar) will cause damage to the teeth and especially the gums, which will detach from the teeth if tartar is left untreated. This creates pockets in the gums that provide space for bacteria, which can cause receding gums or, worst case, teeth falling out. These bacteria can spread throughout the entire body and lead to other diseases. Professional teeth cleaning is therefore not only recommended for aesthetic reasons but from a health perspective as well. After a thorough preliminary examination of your teeth and gums by the dentist and prophylaxis assistant, we discuss with you a customized concept for intensive cleaning.

In keeping with the latest medical guidelines, our professionally trained prophylaxis assistants clean each tooth using manual tools, ultrasonic vibration and air/water/powder sprays, accessing even the hard-to-reach spots. The teeth polishing and tongue cleaning that follow are also part of a thorough prophylaxis session. Additionally, we give you useful tips and tricks for your tooth care at home and a recommendation for your individual teeth cleaning interval. With this prophylaxis, periodontitis – inflammation of the gums – cannot even develop in the first place.

You can see and especially feel the cleaning results straight away: clean, smooth and polished teeth to which plaque cannot so easily adhere, as well as soothed gums that are free from inflammation.

We also offer a special implant prophylaxis program for patients with implants, to help make sure these last longer.

Depending on the work required, professional teeth cleaning takes 30-60 minutes and should usually be done every 4-6 months. It is an additional service, which is often not or only partly covered by statutory health insurance.

We will be happy to inform you about the estimated cost.

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