Zahnärztin Dr. Christina Esser

Born 1982, dentist since 2009


I began my studies in dental medicine at Bonn University in 2003 and graduated in 2009 with top marks. In the same year, I successfully completed my doctorate.

Over the following three years, I worked as a research associate and dental resident in the department of prosthetics in the Bonn dental clinic. In addition to my duties as a dentist, one of my greatest joys was training the next generation of dentists in the clinic: the dentistry students.

In 2012 both my private and professional life took me back to my hometown of Düsseldorf, where I worked in a general dental practice until September 2016.

My areas of specialization lie in the field of endodontics acquired at the Karl-Häupl Institute of the Dental Association of North-Rhine and a Master of Science degree in prosthetics (University of Greifswald).

In the Dental Centrum Düsseldorf, alongside these specialist areas, my main focus will be on our smallest patients – the children. As I am myself the mother of a small son, I am especially fond of working with the little ones.

I’m really excited to be a member of the fantastic team at the Dental Centrum Düsseldorf and look forward to meeting you there as our patient sometime soon.


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