Dr. Alexa von Gienanth

In ordert o pursue the profession of my dreams as a dentist, I studied dental medicine at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt (licence to practice 1981, doctorate 1982). Since 1986 I have been working as an independant dentist in Düsseldorf.

Through my ongoing and advanced training in Europe and the US, I have been able to develop a range of different treatment concepts over decades of professional practice. These enable us offering dental procedures that are both minimally invasive and longlasting.

In the field of periodontology and implantology I have steered the focus of my work to the highly aesthetic reconstruction of the pink-white interface.
Using photo documentation and simulations, we discuss the treatment options with our dental lab, and later on present those to our patients.

Since a couple of years the dental sleep medicine became a significant status. In cooperation with an interdisciplinary network we are in the position to help our patients to avoid annoying snoring and breathing interruptions – a life prolonging therapy!

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