Zahnarzt & ausgebildeter Zahntechniker Jonas Bedorf


Beautiful and healthy teeth send strong signals to everyone around us."

A healthy chewing apparatus and a congenial smile play a big role in a person’s quality of life. But everyone is different. (Or ‘to each their own’, as the saying goes.) That is why I always tailor my treatments individually to the needs and wishes of my patients. I look forward to helping you achieve a self-confident smile with a strong, healthy bite, at the DCD.

At the early age of 14 I gained my first experience as a student trainee at a dental practice in Cologne. Since then, my dream job has been clear to me.
I completed my residency in a renowned practice in the heart of Cologne.
On the dental spectrum, I have a special affinity for aesthetic dentistry, minimally invasive tooth preservation and, of course, prosthetics. I want to contribute my professional experience in dental technology to the team.
I am now happy to be part of the DCD team and look forward to welcoming you in our feel-good oasis.

Dentist  Jonas Bedorf: vita

2007-2011 Training as a dental technician
2011-2012 Employment as dental technician
2012- 2017 Studies of Dentistry at the University of Münster
July 2017 Licence to practice
August 2017 to March 2020 working as a dentist in a general dental practice in Cologne
Areas of specialization: periodontology, prosthetics, aesthetic dentistry


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